Human Machine Interface - webHMI for vicosys® and pictor®


  • New webHMI as process visualization via standardized web technology (browser-based)
  • All current browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome) are supported
  • Customizable design with customizable logo, colors and fonts
  • New commands "Initialize image buffer" and "Copy image to buffer" to communicate efficiently with webHMI
  • Clear visualization of one or more BV systems
  • Easy configurability via text file
  • Prepared examples of the important scenario: e.g. Visualize several pictor systems together, overview pages, error display in the ring buffer

Machine Operator

1. Is my process still working?

2. What was the reason of the last rejected part?

3. Change Products: How to change the inspection programm?

Service Stuff

1. How can I create a inspection programm myself?

2. How can I edit settings and tolerances?

Quality Assurance

1. What is the most common reason for removal?
2. How far are actual values from set tolerances?
3. How is the reject rate developing?