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If you have first created an inspection programme using vcwin and Vision System, you can define variables for exchange with the GUI. You can define a user interface in a configuration file and use these variables. The HMI is automatically generated from this and can be accessed through the web server of the vision system.


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Important steps for an individual webHMI

Frequently asked questions

No. The systems remain in the company network and have no connection to the Internet.

To access the system in the browser, the IP must be entered into the browser.

A browser-based user interface is common for many other network components (time recording system, readable electricity meters, configurable network switches).

The "web" in the word webHMI stands for web technology.

This means that the vision system has a web server that can be accessed like a web page from any current browser in the internal network. The protocol is HTTP.

An operating software that has to be installed additionally is not necessary.


The WorldWideWeb (Internet) is not meant.

The webHMI is configured via a text file in JSON format. The vicosys® firmware generates the web content from this information and handles the image and parameter communication in the background.


An example - WebHMI is included in the vcwin installation folder. The instructions can be found in the vcwin manual in section "Part 3 - Working with the software".


Yes, you can easily link to the webHMI in your web application or include it as a container.

Compatible browsers are current versions of: Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge,

Internet Explorer V11 and higher is also compatible.

Yes, if your PLC panel supports browser controls, you can integrate the webHMI directly.


You can also directly integrate partial functions:

1. monitor content: for example with

2. a targeted image buffer: for example with Here "cam" is the image buffer name.

In principle, yes. Please note that applications with many high-resolution images in high frequency require a powerful device for smooth operation.

Yes. You can open several webHMIs in parallel. They are processed simultaneously.




Machine Operator

1. Is my process still working?

2. What was the reason of the last rejected part?

3. Change Products: How to change the inspection programm?

Service Stuff

1. How can I create a inspection programm myself?

2. How can I edit settings and tolerances?

Quality Assurance

1. What is the most common reason for removal?
2. How far are actual values from set tolerances?
3. How is the reject rate developing?

No. The webHMI was designed as a separate process on its own processor core. This means that intensive communication activity does not affect the processing time of the test sequence.

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