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Intelligente Systeme für superschnelle Datenverarbeitung

Communication and high-performance image processing systems

Vision Systems

Vision & Control is a worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of universally applicable vision systems with a comprehensive range of functions. Vision & Control vision systems are already used in almost all areas of mechanical engineering and automation technology for automated production control, material flow control, process control and quality assurance. For many years now, the intelligent, universally applicable pictor® Smart Cameras, which are constantly being developed and equipped with the widest range of functions, have been the preferred products in machine vision for industrial manufacturing worldwide. Vision & Control Machine vision systems detect defects at an early stage in 100% inspection for almost all physically possible inspection tasks and intervene in the process in good time. The systems of the vicosys® product series form the bridge between intelligent and digital cameras and thus enable the construction of convenient and extensive multi-camera systems. Vision & Control's image processing systems incorporate the experience of decades of development work. For example, all smart cameras from Vision & Control have particularly fast, extremely robust and intelligent algorithms. With this built-in intelligence and equipped with the latest processors, the systems solve all tasks with the highest precision and reliability, even under widely varying lighting conditions. All Vision & Control components have been specially designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of everyday industrial use. They are flexible, can be used variably, are compatible with all common interfaces, are easy to operate, and are particularly robust and durable. Equipped with these features, image processing systems from Vision & Control significantly increase the degree of automation and thus the cost-effectiveness of production and are thus a guarantee for high process reliability.