Components for industrial image processing
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The success of an industrial image processing solution depends significantly on the use of key components. The most important components that make up an image processing solution include the lighting, lens, image sensor, image processing and communication.

The lighting systems ensure optimum illumination of the object under testing, so that all details are clearly detected by the camera.

Lenses acquire the image and focus it sharply on the sensor.

Intelligent cameras or multi-camera systems analyze the digitized image information. In industrial environments, they determine object positions, measure distances and angles, and evaluate surfaces and other details of the product. With the aid of state-of-the-art networks, our components are integrated in automation systems and machine control systems – thus making them the eyes of Industry 4.0.



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Perfect machine vision components for excellent machines and systems

Comprehensive know-how, mastery of the latest technologies and a wide range of experience in the application of industrial image processing guarantee the outstanding quality and performance of Vision & Control's components and systems. The high degree of standardization in the assembly, set-up and operation of all components and systems from Vision & Control enables users to use industrial image processing reliably and offers the greatest possible investment security. At the same time, costs are saved by avoiding rejects and their subsequent costs. Industrial image processing from Vision & Control means open components and systems, i.e. components and systems that can be retrofitted, upgraded and converted at any time, with consistent, simple operator guidance. The low effort required for retooling ensures short downtimes. All Vision & Control components and systems are compatible with all common interfaces in production control (RS-232, Ethernet, Profinet, ETHERCAT, digital IO). The components and systems from Vision & Control also get along brilliantly with the
robots of all major manufacturers and are capable of coordinate transformation. Vision & Control has developed particularly powerful cameras and sensors that can record and analyze events in fractions of a second. Vision & Control offers the appropriate systems for each area of application. This makes it possible to produce faster and enter new markets.

All Vision & Control lenses can be combined with a wide variety of lighting technologies. Depending on the application, a choice can be made between entocentric and telecentric lenses as well as special designs. All lenses feature adjustable and fixable irises for brightness adjustment and easy adjustment protection against third parties or shocks. Vision & Control lighting components work with the entire color spectrum of light. Vision & Control's leading position in machine vision technology can already be seen in the diversity of its lighting: Components for incident and transmitted light, bright and dark field, ring and area light, diffuse and directional light. All individual components and systems of Vision & Control's industrial image processing are optimally matched to each other and can be used universally. Due to the high degree of standardization of the well over 1,000 system components from Vision & Control, special designs and customer-specific versions can also be realized at short notice without great effort.