vicolux® Ring lights

New ring ligths with vicolux® smart ligth technology

The ring lights come with smart light electronics, and they were designed specifically for use with the Vision & Control vicolux® DLC 3005 lighting controller, but they will also run with standard lighting controllers (current sources) made by other manufacturers. The smart light electronics prevent overloading and premature ageing of the lighting.

The built-in smart light electronics also have other major advantages in industrial applications: 

  • Current and pulse time thresholds stored in the lighting are read out by the controller to protect the lighting from overload conditions.
  • Active temperature monitoring provides effective protection against premature ageing of the lighting.
  • Reverse polarity protection prevents destruction of the illumination field caused by wiring errors during installation.
  • All of the lights in the Vision & Control smartlight series are supplied with luminous flux set to the factory standard.

The new ring lights are ideal for mounting around the lens or even directly on the lens, making them the optimal choice for bright radial illumination of test objects in continuous or flash mode. They are available with inner diameters of 104, 73, 41 and 20 mm in the standard colours white, red, blue, green and IR. The inner and outer diameters of the ring lights have been designed for compatibility, so that all four lights can be plugged together in one plane to create a variety of lighting scenarios.

The external dimensions of the new ring lights are the same as on the existing RK series. As a result, the usual accessories including adapters, retaining rings, diffusers, polarisers, dark field attachments and protective covers can still be used. Other outstanding features of the lights include multiple mounting options, IP67 protection and a 4-pin M8 connector on the standard 150 mm cable.


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