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Our multi-camera system vicosys® can now be embedded without a separate gateway in Germany's most widely used field bus.

Now, image processing is even faster and even more straightforward with our vicosys® system. In mid-September this year, the multi-camera system…

The visual inspection of injection-moulded plastic parts is time-consuming and unreliable. With ThermoInspection, Vision & Control is pursuing an…

Plastic parts for the automotive industry are subject to strict quality criteria. If defective catches and overfilled or missing material are missed…

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Vision & Control finds strong sales partner in China

On the 29th of April earlier this year, the contracts were signed for the collaboration between Vision & Control and Eide Tech GmbH. Together with the…

A spotlight is bright and circular – but the new lights in the L-Spot series from Vision & Control are bar lights.

The name vicolux® L-SPOT stands for a new series of compact and powerful bar lights with spotlight lenses that we have added to our portfolio.…

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The core components of modern LED matrix headlights must be precisely assembled. Vision & Control supplies the image processing systems to support…

The lighting and electronics specialist HELLA has developed a new LED matrix headlight that adapts its light distribution to traffic, weather and road…

vicotar® BlueVision series

Compact, robust, lightweight - Telecentric measurement lenses for the blue spectral range.

In industrial image processing, optical imaging is expected to provide high image sharpness with the greatest possible depth of focus. However, these…

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The new generation of the vicosys® family is ready. Regardless of the task, vicosys® 5400 has more than twice as much power as the model directly…

Whether it's a blob analysis, a grey value test, a 360° pattern scan, or an angular position, the new vicosys® 5400 image processing PC completes…

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Version 4.16.265 of the Vision & Control image processing software offers two new functions. The „Lighting Control“ command now enables dynamic…

The integrated DLC server accelerates the setup of the lighting controller (DLC), making it safer and more efficient.

Users who use the Vision &…

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Gauging and inspection enters a new dimension with pictor® metimus.

pictor® metimus - an intelligent camera with powerful image processing software.

You can configure your image processing within 20 minutes without…

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There are many arguments to skip protocol gateways: less costs, higher speed, more flexibility.

Some electrical engineer simply enjoy the won space in their cabinet. Others, the reduced effort to wire all components.

These are the reason why…


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