Telecentric microscope lens

The TOM lenses have been specifically designed to meet the industry's requirements for precise measurements. With magnifications from 1x to 10x and…

The new telecentric microscope lenses (under the designation TOM), with their many application possibilities, are the latest product innovation from…

vicolux BLUE Vision lighting in application

vicolux® BLUE Vision lighting for the perfect combination with vicotar® BLUE Vision lenses.

At the beginning of the signal chain, the appropriate lighting has a fundamental task of providing images that can be evaluated through contrast and…

Insight into the demo lab and test setup Optics

Use our service to test proposed image processing solutions with all components of our portfolio.

Do you want to raise your quality assurance to a new level?

Conserve resources and reduce the proportion of defective parts or products to a minimum?…

Measuring set-up with telecentric lens and telecentric lighting

To make it work with the connection.

For a perfect vision solution in quality control, a perfect combination of components is essential. For this purpose, Vision & Control has a…

Selection of telecentric BLUE Vision lenses of the TO125 series

and colour corrected for the visible spectral range and near infrared - vicotar® BLUE Vision lenses TO125 series

Vision & Control is expanding its vicotar® BLUE vision series with six telecentric measuring lenses with an object field diameter of 125 millimetres.…

Selection vicotar TO88 lenses

Six new telecentric lenses with 88 millimetre object field diameters complement the current BLUE Vision lens series.

Colour-optimised from near infrared to deep blue, they enable measurements with unprecedented resolution.

Vision & Control GmbH is expanding its…

vicotar BLUE Vision lenses with M42 mount

Predestined for use with high-tech cameras - vicotar® telecentric lenses with M42 mount

Our vicotar® telecentric lenses - now also with M42 thread. This means that cameras in DX and 35 mm format can also benefit from the advantages of…

[Translate to English:] vicosys mit Wärembildkamera

vicosys® is now streaming FLIR A50 and A70

Since version v300, the vicosys® multi-camera systems now also support the new FLIR A50 and FLIR A70 IR cameras.

vicosys® 6300, our new multi-camera…

Produkt group seriesTO66

With the TO66 series, we are expanding the family of telecentric lenses in the BLUE Vision range with six high-resolution, fast versions with 66…

The vicotar® BLUE-Vision series TO66 rounds off the top end of the range of telecentric lenses. Thanks to the special colour correction, they deliver…

Product group 3 Lenses of the vicotar TO42 series

With the TO42 series, Vision & Control presents a new range of telecentric lenses with 42 millimetre object field diameters. Thanks to special colour…

Our customers now have further telecentric lenses of the BLUE Vision family at their disposal - a series with 42 millimetre object field diameter in a…


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