New thermographic cameras for vicosys®

vicosys® is now streaming FLIR A50 and A70

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Since version v300, the vicosys® multi-camera systems now also support the new FLIR A50 and FLIR A70 IR cameras.

vicosys® 6300, our new multi-camera system, supports the new FLIR A50 and A70 infrared cameras in direct streaming as of firmwareversion v300. IR specialist FLIR has designed both thermal imaging cameras as successors to the A35 and A65 models. The FLIR A50 has a resolution of 464 by 348 pixels, the A70 displays 640 by 480 pixels. Depending on the camera model and the selected measuring range, temperatures from -50° Celsius to 1,000° Celsius can be recorded.

There is a choice of three lenses for both cameras, covering horizontal image angle sectors of 29°, 51° or 95°. Since the camera and lens must be matched, both should be ordered together and calibrated at the factory. The IR cameras are PoE-capable and can therefore be supplied with electrical power by the vicosys® multi-camera system via the LAN cable. An additional power supply is not necessary.

Infrared cameras make temperature differences immediately visible in the industrial manufacturing process. They do not require any special lighting setups. Therefore, thermal images are excellent for monitoring all processes where things get hot. For example, for monitoring plastic injection molding, soldering or welding work. But they also speed up and simplify other measurement and inspection tasks in which temperature differences play a role.


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