vicotar® telecentric lenses with M42 mount

Predestined for use with high-tech cameras - vicotar® telecentric lenses with M42 mount

vicotar BLUE Vision lenses with M42 mount

Our vicotar® telecentric lenses - now also with M42 thread. This means that cameras in DX and 35 mm format can also benefit from the advantages of telecentric lenses. The M42 thread is offered for lenses of the BLUE Vision series and microscope lenses.

Lenses of the BLUE Vision series are characterised by the fact that their colour correction has been extended far into the blue spectral range, recognisable by the suffix "BW" in the type designation. With blue light, they allow monochromatic image examinations with maximum sharpness at the greatest possible depth of field.

Microscope objectives can be recognised by the type name "TOM". These objectives are based on highly corrected microscope objectives for sharp magnified imaging of even small object fields. You can find all these objectives on our website via the product filter "M42".

In contrast to the usual C-mount, M42 objectives do not cause image field shading. Due to the large sensor, higher resolutions are possible and the larger pixels increase the light sensitivity. In return, however, the depth of field decreases.

The vicotar® M42 lenses have a flange focal length of 46.45 millimetres, the thread depth is four or six millimetres. We currently offer nine different models on our website, with object field diameters from 4.5 to 125 millimetres and working distances between 48 and 190 millimetres.

For cameras with M58 or M72 thread connection, Vision & Control also has corresponding adapters in its range. In addition to the screw thread, cameras with DX or 35 mm sensors are often also equipped with an F-mount connection, which is popular in photography. However, since this bayonet mount is not suitable for industrial use, Vision & Control manufactures lenses for these sensor sizes exclusively with the corresponding threaded mount.

Telecentric lenses are characterised by a parallel beam path. They image objects without perspective distortion and thus enable precise measurements and the inspection of deep bores.

So if you want to configure an individual and robust system solution consisting of camera and lens, the M42 connection is an alternative to the C-mount.


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