vicotar lenses TOB11

Latest-generation telecentric lenses

The telecentric lenses in the TOB11 series are particularly well suited to high-performance applications in optical measuring and inspection systems - and, of course, they are made in Germany.

  • Robust and suitable for industrial applications
  • Telecentric on both sides
  • Fast, low-distortion
  • High telecentricity on the object side, and
  • Low chromatic aberration

These are the core advantages that help the latest representatives of the vicotar series of telecentric lenses stand out. They enable precise measurements and open up diverse and, in some cases, new applications in industrial camera measuring systems and industrial image processing. Thanks to the sophisticated BBAR lens coating, the lenses not only deliver excellent imaging results for visible light, but also for infrared up to 950 nm.

The aperture, which can be adjusted or fixed and shows the f-stop number, ensures that reproducible measurement results are obtained. Telecentricity on both sides (object and image side) increases measurement accuracy, eliminates vignetting and allows the advantages of telecentric imaging to also be exploited for image capture sensors with micro lens arrays. Attachment is made directly onto the lens - robustly, accurately and with the tightest of tolerances on the front diameter (32 g7).

Thanks to the threaded connections on the object and camera sides (M30x0.5 / M20.5x0.5), it is also possible to use the extensive range of lens accessories from Vision & Control.


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