Spotlights - for industrial image processing

Our 27 new spotlights with directional light guidance for industrial image processing are as versatile as the requirements in practice.

Thanks to their modular design, users can easily configure the ideal lighting fixture for their particular purposes.

The spotlights in the SLE, SLB and SLF product families are all based on LED technology and therefore have low power consumption. In addition, the light sources remain cool even in continuous operation - this guarantees a long service life. Their homogeneous light field facilitates the detection of complex objects.

Depending on the model, the spotlights are available for different ranges of the light spectrum. Versions are available for white, blue, red and green light, as well as for the ultraviolet and infrared ranges. Customers can choose between three different spot diameters - 100 mm, 150 mmm and 200 mm (each with a distance of 200 mm between the lighting device and the object). Depending on the version, the optical elements are made of glass (code letter SLE) or plastic (SLF).

Within the 27 available variants, the user can choose from five different groups, depending on the application requirements. The SLB-24V, for example, has an illumination controller integrated into the housing (the units are designed for both continuous and pulsed operation). The SLE-24V has similar features as SLB-24V, but is additionally equipped with an attachment optics. The latter has a condenser lens for optimum focusing and maximum light output. The code letter E in the type designation stands for a particularly energy-efficient design. The same applies to applications where flash operation must be used or, on the other hand, a diffuse, uniform light distribution is to be achieved. The wealth of variants shows the innovative ideas and the experience within 30 years of image processing know-how.

Common features of all variants are protection class III for operation with safety extra-low voltages and protection class IP50. The operating temperature covers the range between 0°C and 45°C. The connection is made via an M8 connector. The DLC3005 and DLC 3005-R LED controllers and a 24-volt built-in power supply are available as accessories.


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