Extensive accessories for image processing components

To make it work with the connection.

Measuring set-up with telecentric lens and telecentric lighting

For a perfect vision solution in quality control, a perfect combination of components is essential. For this purpose, Vision & Control has a comprehensive range of accessories for image processing components to ensure that vision systems, precision lenses and high-performance LED lighting can be perfectly combined.

The component system is a modular system designed in detail to match all our vision components to each other in such a way that optimum system solutions are created for customers. This has resulted in an extensive pool of practical and appropriate accessories for each product.

At Vision & Control, for example, you will find the right lens holder for every lens, filters for all conceivable lighting scenarios, adjustment aids and adapters for the combination products that can be used. The product group of high-power LED illuminators also offers adapters for the appropriate lenses, diffusers for indirect illumination of the test objects, various cables and retaining rings, accessory kits, various lenses and beam splitter units.

Customers can configure the vision system according to their requirements with software, expansion cards and cables. An economically effective overall solution is achieved with the perfect lens for them in combination with suitable lighting and using the appropriate accessories.

Convince yourself of the extensive range of accessories and find the perfect solution for your image processing components.

To the picture: 

Measurement setup with angled telecentric illumination and angled telecentric lens, with holder, filter, adapter and deflection mirror. To realise such high-precision measurement set-ups, our components can be supplemented with the appropriate accessories.
Space problems and directional changes of the viewing direction can be achieved with deflection mirrors.


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