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Flexible options for easy and fast mounting of our telecentric lenses



The air hook for lenses? - Unfortunately not invented yet... But: We offer help! - A wide range of holders is available for mounting our telecentric lenses.

Multiple variants allow easy and precise mounting in almost unlimited orientation

Lens holder - standard versions


Available for circumferential clamping for various lens diameters;

Also available in a variant with defined distance to the optical axis.

The distance of the M5 female thread is 12 mm.

Lens holder d45 'wide'


For circumferential clamping of a lens diameter of 45 mm;

Can be used from TO66 lens series;

The distance of the M5 female thread of the holder is 16 mm.




Lens holder d45 'wide' + mounting angle LL (with oblong hole)

The lens holder d45 wide can optionally be connected with the mounting angle (compact) or mounting angle LL as shown in the illustration using M5 screws.



Lens holder d45 'wide' + mounting plate LL (with oblong hole).

Connecting screws with M4 to M6 threads or UNF 1/4" threads can be used.

The oblong holes provide a wide range of alignment options.

Additional mounting options for heavy lenses - special holder for TO88 and TO125 series

Frequently asked questions

In principle, this is possible. However, care should be taken to ensure that one bearing is a floating bearing, otherwise mechanical stresses will occur in the lens.

In most cases, however, one clamping point is sufficient. - Then the camera can also be fixed via the lens.

The lens holders can be connected to common aluminium profiles, for example from MONTECH, Bosch or Item.

The connection can be made directly via a slot nut. - This enables, for example, the central hole of the lens holder d45 'wide'.

Or the connection is made via the slotted holes of the corresponding holders.

In all cases, connecting screws with threads from M4 to M6 or and also with UNF 1/4" can be used.

We recommend that a lens mount be provided for lens diameters of 56 mm and above. - With smaller lenses, the lens can also be held indirectly via the camera connection.

An additional support is also recommended for very long lenses.

They are available for the following clamp diameters:
25 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, 34 mm, 35.5 mm and 45 mm.

For the clamping diameter of 32 mm, there are still variants with a defined distance from the mounting base:
30 mm (lens holder d32-30) and 60 mm (lens holder d32-60).

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