RUBIN - AMI Alliance


The AMI alliance develops multimodal imaging methods, which combine image processing technologies from different spectral ranges from UV to LWIR as well as real-time 3D images and thus enable an extended object and scene description, for industrial growth fields relevant in Southern Thuringia. Flexible imaging methods are key technologies in the future markets of medicine, production, automotive, agriculture & forestry and circular economy.

Within this alliance, Vision & Control GmbH develops future-oriented technologies and is funded in three subprojects:


RUBIN-AMI-VP1: Modules and Systems for Multimodal Imaging.
Multimodal illumination and HMI web components

Innovation base project (IP) "MoSys

The innovation project is a component of the AMI Alliance. It provides the basic technologies for
technologies for multimodal imaging.

Vision & Control, as a component manufacturer for industrial image processing, can make a significant
 significant contribution to the following areas:
▪ Multispectral illumination
▪ User interface
▪ Calibration systems


RUBIN-AMI-VP2: Sensor technology for recycling of recyclates
Multispectral illumination for material classification and HMI for demonstrator

Application project (WP1) "SenReRe".

The project is a component of the AMI recyclability project. The basic technologies developed in the
technologies developed in the innovation project are to be applied in several demonstrators. Aim of the
Demonstrator 1 (D1) is the development of an innovative real-time material determination and
sorting system for the upcycling of various objects made of plastic types for the take-back of valuable
material take-back. Demonstrator 2 (D2) will be dedicated to the analysis of bulk materials or recycled
aggregates for the return to the original material flows for the recycling of building materials.
building materials.

Vision & Control is developing a lighting control system for this, creating part of the visualisation and supporting the integration.


RUBIN-AMI-VP3: Vital and activity parameters of persons
Web-based user interface for a demonstrator to record vital parameters

Application project (WP2) "VitAP

With the help of a demonstrator, it should be possible to estimate the following vital parameters
- Heart rate,
- respiratory rate,
- body temperature,
- oxygen saturation

Vision & Control is developing a web-based visualisation for this.


More information on the website of the overall project: