Filter Adapter - Filter adapter d45-M40.5

Filter adapter d45-M40.5
Short description:

slip-on adapter for use of a M40.5x0.5 filter on lenses with 45 mm clamping diameter

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  • By using slip-on adapter, round filters can be attached to lenses or lighting that do not have a filter thread.
  • The adapter is attached to the lens or the lighting with M3 threaded pins (3 x 120 °).
  • light and robust aluminium holder with high dimensional stability

Technical data
TypeSlip-on adapter
MaterialAluminium, black anodised
Diameter / height50 mm / 15 mm
Weight17 g
Clamping diameter45 mm
Clamping length13 mm
Thread for filterM30.5 x 0.5
Screw-in depth2 mm
Can be combined with:
Telecentric lightTZB38 series
Dimensional drawing in mm