Accessory - CS to C-mount adapter 5.0 mm

CS to C-mount adapter 5.0 mm
Short description:

for connecting C-mount lenses with CS-mount cameras, length: 5 mm

Order number:

  • reduces the minimum object distance (MOD) for entocentric lenses
  • enlarges the magnification
  • shortening the working distance by approx. the thickness of the intermediate ring divided by the square of the magnification of the respective objective lens
  • for using C-mount lenses on CS-mount cameras
  • compatible with C-mount and CS-mount lenses
  • usable in any combination

Technical data
Material (Housing)Aluminum, matte black (anti-reflective)
Weight4 g
Outer diameter31 mm
Thickness5.0 mm
Internal threadC-Mount
External threadC-Mount
Change in optical path length5.0 mm
Can also be used as a 5 mm intermediate ring. Extension rings are mounted between the lens and camera. The effective f-number may differ from the f-number set on the lens.
Dimensional drawing in mm