vicolux® illuminating test objects with pinpoint accuracy

A spotlight is bright and circular – but the new lights in the L-Spot series from Vision & Control are bar lights.

vicolux® L-Spot

The name vicolux® L-SPOT stands for a new series of compact and powerful bar lights with spotlight lenses that we have added to our portfolio. Although this new range looks the same on the outside as other bar lights, they generate a focused, circular light field. With a beam angle of 7.5°, test objects can be illuminated with pinpoint accuracy. In connection with the digital lighting controller vicolux® smart-light DLC3005, operation is possible both in continuous light mode and in flash mode. This avoids motion blur due on fast-moving test objects due to “freezing” and suppresses the influence of interfering external light. In addition, this operating mode also increases the service life of the lighting units.

Thanks to the use of power LEDs, the L-SPOTs are currently the brightest lights available in this design. For example, L-SPOT 10x90 IR860-P-SL achieves a light output of up to 2,600 W/m² in flash mode at a working distance of 200 mm. The L-SPOT series is currently available in three sizes: The L-SPOT 10x30 has a light-emitting surface area of 10 mm x 30 mm, while the L-SPOT 10x60 offers 10 mm x 60 mm and the L-SPOT 10x90 offers 10 mm x 90 mm.

When it comes to industrial image processing, it is often all about depicting multi-coloured test objects with as much contrast as possible. With smart use of coloured light, colours with similar luminance values can be better separated from each other in the grey image. In many cases, this can significantly improve detection reliability. This is why, in addition to white mixed light with a colour temperature of 5,700 K, every L-SPOT model is now also available in the colours blue (450 nm), green (530 nm), red (633 nm) and infrared (860 nm).

The L-SPOT series is dust-tight and protected against temporary immersion in accordance with protection class IP67. The ambient temperature can be between 0°C and 55°C. In combination with the lighting controller vicolux® smart-light DLC3005 mentioned above, long service life is ensured by an integrated digital temperature sensor and the limit values for continuous mode and flash mode that are saved in the flash memory of the lights. This is something the thermally optimised aluminium enclosure also contributes to.

The enclosures of the L-SPOT series offer many different options for installation. In addition to a slot for sliding blocks that can be swivelled in, there is also a dovetail profile and a screw channel for M3 threaded bolts. The electrical connections are made via a robust, four-pole M8 connector on the housing.