vicolux® A-CLR 60x90 series

Area lights with high-performance LEDs - more light, intelligent temperature management

We have given one of its most reliable area lights a technical audit. The use of high-performance LEDs and the possibility of connecting a separate lighting controller makes the new A-CLR-60x90 series an intelligent, versatile member of our high-performance image processing components family.

The smart light area lights in A-CLR series are mechanically compatible with their predecessors, and therefore easily interchangeable. All the mounting options have also been taken on so that the new lights can be conveniently integrated into existing customer applications. The use of high-performance LEDs allows for light intensity of up to 3440 W/m2 for continuous operation, and up to 11,800 W/m2 in flash mode. You can connect a vicolux® DLC3005 digital lighting controller by Vision & Control to the lights via an M8 connector integrated into the casing.

The intelligent temperature management in the A-CLR series ensures that the device always runs within its "technical comfort zone", thus achieving a maximum life span. Along with an integrated digital temperature sensor, the temperature management system also has flash memory where it stores threshold values for continuous operation and flash mode. Even the case made from anodised aluminium has been optimised in line with thermal considerations. A heat sink, which is fitted to the back of the device, is available as an accessory.

The lights in the new A-CLR range are available in the colours Blue 450, White 5K7, IR 860, Green 520 and Red 633.