Development is a tradition for us


Another 10 years proven and professional -

Vision & Control turns 30!

New development center in Ilmenau

New basis for Innovations


celebrates 20th birthday

DLC3005 smart light

Digital lighting controller for safe, failure-free and trouble-free operation of LED lighting

Digitaler Beleuchtungscontroller
vicolux® smart lightsDigitaler Beleuchtungscontroller

vicolux® smart lights

New generation of LED lighting



Vision systems with fieldbus interface provide new opportunities for automation

vicolux® smart lightsDigitaler Beleuchtungscontroller

20 light years Vision & Control GmbH


Completion of the new Competence Centre in Suhl

Entwicklungs- und Kompetenzzentrums

10 years of component systems

over 20,000 applications of Vision & Control components worldwide

Sound barrier broken

Intelligent cameras pictor® with gigahertz signal processor

vicotar® TL370

Introduction of the largest telecentric lens


Vision Academy®

the first training center for Machine Vision

Vision Academy Logo

The component system was born

Introduction of the "Vision & Control - Component System"



First optical measuring system based on an intelligent camera

industrietaugliche LED-Beleuchtung für Machine Vision


Market introduction of industry-proven LED lighting for machine vision


Introduction of telecentricity in industrial image processing - the first telecentric lens series are created

Einführung der Telezentrie in die industrielle Bildverarbeitung
Logo Vision & Control

Vision & Control GmbH founded

Industrial probing algorithms

Basic developments on probing algorithms for inspection in semiconductor production

CCD-Matrix camera

Development of the first industrial CCD matrix camera at the TU Ilmenau

Intelligent line scan camera ILK02

introduced at the Hanover trade fair

Intelligente Zeilenkamera