Our Photonic-based Solutions make machines seeing.

Our Mission:


We are a global acting OEM-Supplier of PHOTONICS-based SOLUTIONS.

We support leading companies in the field of Metrology, Semiconductor, Glassinspection, Life-siences, Automation and Laser-Processing to bring them to the leading-edge.

Our Know-How is characterized by a broad portfolio of technologies grounded on Photonics and the unique nature of Light.

A comprehensive Catalog is the Show-Case of our TECHNOLOGY and QUALITY.

Our core values and guiding principles

Competence and experience

Expertise and many years of experience form the solid foundation of a successful company.

Stability comes from the continuous development of skills and a deep understanding of the industry.

Experience makes it possible to utilise proven methods and act innovatively at the same time, while targeted personnel development ensures that the necessary resources are available in terms of quality and quantity to master future challenges with confidence.

Innovative products inspire markets

Innovative products have the ability to excite markets through their disruptive power by challenging established norms and creating new opportunities.

These innovations are created through a unique combination of internal creativity and external input, which together result in a product that is not only revolutionary, but also aligned with customer benefits.

Through "Design for Excellence", products are specifically designed to ensure good manufacturability and maximum customer benefit.

Time-to-market is fundamental in order to be able to react flexibly to dynamic market requirements.

The sustainable further development of the Vision & Control brand rounds off the holistic approach.

Customer focus

The satisfaction of our customers, their success, is our top priority.

We provide advice and support from the initial contact to the successful implementation of the solution. In addition, we provide our customers with competent and uncomplicated support during the use of our components. This claim is also reflected in our products and services.

Vision & Control has been committed to the principle of "safety through quality" for many years.

Quality and sustainability

The inseparable combination of quality and reliability forms the solid foundation for our first-class products.

The precise execution and accuracy in every step of the value creation process not only guarantee first-class results, but also contribute to the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources.

The pursuit of continuous improvement of products and processes manifests the commitment to sustainability by positively influencing both customer satisfaction and the ecological footprint in the long term.

Respect - team orientation - partnership

Our team attaches great importance to respect and cooperation based on partnership, which is reflected in open and team-orientated communication.

Strong cohesion emphasises our team spirit and creates a foundation of trust based on reliability and commitment. These values form the backbone of our successful collaboration.

Enthusiasm and commitment

The enthusiasm of the entire Vision & Control team is reflected in their commitment and high work motivation.

We not only enjoy our work, but also benefit from the creative freedom that enables us to contribute and implement innovative ideas.

The openness to change promotes a culture in which employees can act creatively and react flexibly to new challenges.

This committed attitude is reinforced by the strong identification of employees with Vision & Control's products and services and contributes to the positive development of the employer brand, which is based on the shared vision.