Directed Bar Light - L-SPOT-10x90-IR860-P-SL - Luminous Field Size 10 mm x 90 mm

bar light, IR860, directed, lf-size: 10 mm x 90 mm, spot-optik, P-LED, smart light
  • Power-LED bar light
  • vicolux® smart light - Technology
  • flashable bar light with direct illumination
  • currently our brightest bar lighting
  • safe operation due to vicolux® Digital Lighting Controller (e.g. DLC3005)
  • integrated flash memory with stored lighting parameters and limiting values
  • overheat protection due to integrated digital temperature sensor
  • connection: M8 plug on the casing
  • thermally optimised line profile, metal casing, light field cover made of glass
  • multiple mounting options
Technische Daten
Luminous field10 mm x 90 mm
Light colourInfrared, 860 nm
Beam angle+/- 7.5°
Special featureFlashable with flash controller
Degree of protectionIP67
Safety classIII, operation on protective low voltage
Risk group1
Ambient temperature- 10°C bis 55°C
Housing materialAluminium anodised
Weight119 g
Continuous operation
Power consumtion14.0 W
Irradiance400 W/m²
Flash mode
Power consumtion14.0 W
Irradiance2.600 W/m²
Dimensional drawing in mm: length = 150 mm; width = 10 mm
Dimensional drawing in mm: length = 150 mm; width = 10 mm
Pin assignments, M8  connector
Pin assignments, M8 connector