Area and Bar lights

LLL7x125-B470/UDC/-a (order number 1-34-182)


  • LED bar light, direct illumination with focusing lenticular lens
  • Homogeneous illumination
  • Lightning Parameters adjustable via controller (e.g. DLC3005)
  • Metal casing, optical material: PMMA
  • Multiple mounting options
  • Connection cable with M8 connector, cable outlet left
  • Alternative: cable outlet right (Order no. 1-34-382)
Technical Data
Luminous field 7 mm x 125 mm
Light colour Blue, 470 nm
Light design Lenticular
Special feature Flashable with flash controller
Degree of protection IP50
Safety class III, operation on protective low voltage (SELV)
Risk group (DIN EN 62471) Exempt
Ambient temperature -10°C bis 45°C
Housing material Aluminium black anodised
Weight 40 g
Power consumtion max. 2.0 W
Irradiance ¹)
• Continuous operation 60 W/m²
• Flash mode 425 W/m²
¹) working distance = 50 mm
Technical Drawings
Dimensional drawing in mm: length = 125 mm; width = 7 mm Pin assignments, M8 connector
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