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Overview of smart cameras and multi camera systems



This website should help you to get an overview of the vision systems of Vision & Control.

    Today, image processing systems monitor, control, and automate extremely complex production and assembly processes. At the heart of image processing is the vision system – an intelligent camera or a multi-camera system. The vision system uses a test program to evaluate acquired images. The properties and characteristics that are to be investigated in the part under testing are defined in the test program. The results can be displayed, transmitted to the machine control system, or used to directly control actuators.


    A really important feature of the components and systems for industrial image processing from Vision & Control is that they are incredibly easy to operate, quick to integrate and are supplied with excellent documentation, which means that customers will require very little in the way of service and support.
    But if there are ever any questions, our experienced project engineers are on hand to offer advice and practical guidance to users.
    In addition, Vision & Control is continuously expanding the number of competence centers for industrial image processing.
    We have created a comprehensive offering of industrial image processing training courses for initial and further training of employees in the industry, including various video tutorials, example programs and a simulator.

    Areas of application of our vision systems


    Today, industrial image processing systems are used in almost all areas of industrial manufacturing processes in order to increase automation levels and boost product quality, while delivering 100% controllability and safe, reliable process control.


    • Automation technology
    • Metal processing industry
    • Automotive industry
    • Machine construction
    • Electrotechnical/electronics industry
    • Timber industry
    • Food industry
    • Vehicle construction (ships, railway, aircraft)
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Precision engineering, optics
    • Leather, textile, clothing industry
    • Disposal
    • Ceramics, glass and plastics industry
    • Print industry

    Industrial image processing systems offer industry/application-specific solutions on the basis of digital image processing systems for continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. With digital image processing systems the quality and productivity of your applications can be efficiently designed and optimized.

    Typical tasks - Measure and test

    The tasks that can be successfully solved in industry with vision systems from Vision & Control are extremely diverse and the Possible uses are almost unlimited.



    Non-dimensional checking


    • Inspection of attributes
    • Checking of distances and positions
    • Completeness/presence checks
    • Color and pattern detection
    • Determining the degree of distinctiveness
    • Character recognition / reading text
    • Code detection
    • Object detection / identification of parts
    • Material flow control
    • Process control
    • Yield optimization
    • Surface inspections
    • Print image inspection
    • Assembly control
    • Detection / checking of structures and textures
    • Detection of position / rotational position (robot vision)

    Measurement and testing – dimensional checking


    • Lengths
    • Widths
    • Heights
    • Angles
    • Orientation
    • Sizes
    • Surface areas
    • Centers of gravity
    • Straightness / roundness
    • Shapes
    • Contours
    • Colors
    • Brightness levels

    Components and systems from Vision & Control are used wherever professional working and time-saving, variable solutions are in demand. The reliability and safety of solutions with Vision & Control components will help boost satisfaction among your customers.

    Important criteria for the selection of your vision system


    • Is the software capable of solving the task?
    • How many cameras can you connect?
    • Do you need special cameras, e.g. thermographic, near-infrared or line scan cameras?
    • Is the programming straightforward?
    • What speed do you need?
    • Which interfaces do you need?
    • Do you need a user interface?  

    vicosys® 5300

    The optimum model for typical standard applications in which the processing speed is not a decisive factor.

    vicosys® 5400

    The model for higher demands.

    Application examples

    Creating test programs with vcwin

    At Vision & Control, vision systems can be programmed using the standardized program editor vcwin.

    Thanks to the diversity of available universal tools we have developed at Vision & Control, a wide range of solutions is at your disposal when programming the application. This offers the greatest possible freedom to find effective and creative solutions to problems.

    With the systems of the pictor® and vicosys® model series, maximum functional scope is available with an extensive selection of commands (see table).

    Sub-pixel resolution is integrated in a number of functions. This allows the resolution of the camera images to be increased by up to a factor of 10 depending on the surrounding conditions.

    Different powerful and contrast-independent scanning algorithms enable perfect adaptation to the task in hand to ensure high scanning reliability – and therefore high process reliability. Implemented in these algorithms are the decades of know-how of Vision & Control in initial and further development.

    Courses and training


    ... First steps - introduction to machine vision (1 day, Suhl)

    ... basics of industrial image processing (5 days, Suhl)

    ... in-house trainings (coordinated, individual content)


    The Vision Academy will offer you know-how and practical user seminars for all areas on the subject of Machine Vision.

    The focus here is on practical user knowledge for machine builders, system houses and end users that will prove effective and useful in the long term. Our goal is to improve your knowledge and expertise by sharing new findings and trends from the industry.

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    Operation by end users - webHMI

    The vicosys® supports its own web server with a configurable website.

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