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Our mission:

We make machines “see” and thus the invisible visible. Vision & Control products steer productions lines in such a way that deficient products are avoided. Therefore, manufacturing becomes more efficient. Our products facilitate precision in µm scope, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

The success of an industrial image processing solution depends crucially on the use of the key components.

The most important components of an image processing solution are illumination, objective, image sensor, image processing and communication.
The illumination provides for the exposure of the test part so that all details are clearly recognized by the camera. The objective grasps the picture and presents it as light to the sensor. Intelligent cameras or multi-camera systems analyse this digitized image information. They identify object positions, measure distances and angles, assess surfaces and further details of the product.

High-end networks employ Vision & Control components for factory automation machinery and engine control systems. Consequently, our products are the eyes of the industry 4.0.

Leading mechanical engineers, system integrators and OEMs trust Vision & Control’s standard and customized products for more than 25 years. Be curious, browse our product catalogue and contact us!

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