Only one view needed? - A smart camera has many advantages


Smart Cameras from Vision & Control are the perfect solution for typical machine vision tasks with a single camera, where digital inputs/outputs are sufficient for triggering and result transmission.


Our advantages

Easy to retrofit


Existing systems do not need a new control cabinet. Smart Cameras already integrate the evaluation unit in the camera housing.

Flexible hardware


From Wide VGA to 3.2 megapixels, from monochrome to colour.

Choose the optimal camera sensor for your task.

Flexible software


Combine image processing commands to create your own inspection sequence. With vcwin and your own algorithms in Ruby, you have endless possibilities.


High Speed


The integrated processor enables a clock frequency of over 200 fps for many measuring, counting and positioning tasks.



Product portfolio

Frequently asked questions

The ‘smart camera’ approach is advantageous if…



… you wish to integrate the image processing system retrospectively

… have a single task to focus on

… minimal planning and installation effort are important to you

… you wish to remain flexible in terms of models and suppliers

… scalability of the application is important

Smart cameras are not the right choice if you …



… wish to use a large number of synchronized cameras

… require high resolution

… require particularly fast processing speeds

… require special image capture technology

Today, machine vision systems are already used in almost all areas of industrial production processes to increase the degree of automation and product quality, to monitor 100% and to be able to control processes reliably:


  • Automation technology
  • Metalworking industry
  • automotive industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering and electronics industry
  • wood industry
  • food industry
  • Vehicle construction (ship, railway, aircraft)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Precision mechanics, optics
  • Leather, textile, clothing industry
  • Waste disposal
  • Ceramics, glass and plastics industry
  • Printing industry



Industrial image processing offers industry and application-specific solutions based on digital image processing systems for continuous monitoring and quality control of production processes. With digital image processing systems, the quality and productivity of your applications can be efficiently designed and optimised.

The tasks that are successfully solved in industry with our intelligent pictor® cameras are extremely diverse and the possible uses are almost unlimited.


Non-dimensional checking


  • Inspection of attributes
  • Checking of distances and positions
  • Completeness/presence checks
  • Color and pattern detection
  • Determining the degree of distinctiveness
  • Character recognition / reading text
  • Code detection
  • Object detection / identification of parts
  • Material flow control
  • Process control
  • Yield optimization
  • Surface inspections
  • Print image inspection
  • Assembly control
  • Detection / checking of structures and textures
  • Detection of position / rotational position (robot vision)

Measurement and testing – dimensional checking


  • Lengths
  • Widths
  • Heights
  • Angles
  • Orientation
  • Sizes
  • Surface areas
  • Centers of gravity
  • Straightness / roundness
  • Shapes
  • Contours
  • Colors
  • Brightness levels

Components and systems for industrial image processing from Vision & Control are characterised in particular by the fact that they are easy to operate, well documented and can be integrated quickly and thus require little service and support.
If questions do arise, our experienced project engineers are there to help and advise users.
In addition, Vision & Control is continuously expanding the number of competence centres for industrial image processing.
We have created various video tutorials, sample programmes and a simulator for the training and further education of industrial employees in machine vision.

If the requirements regarding resolution and interface are known, the suitable Smart Camera can be selected directly via the



For further advice, our sales staff will be happy to help you.

A pictor® N has a LAN interface with 100MBit (6p socket, Hirose, push-pull).

Digital I/O (24V):

  • 1 trigger, 
  • 4 freely programmable inputs, 
  • 2 freely programmable outputs

This is a connector (12-pin, Hirose, push-pull).

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