vicolux® A-DIF-Serie

robust, flashable, vicolux® smart light technology


LED area light

Light-emitting surface

Radiance Continous oper.

for Light colour Blue:

Radiance Flash mode

for Light colour Blue:

Risk group

(DIN EN 62471)


60 mm x 90 mm

65 W/(m²sr)

240 W/(m²sr)

exempt group


90 mm x 120 mm

65 W/(m²sr)

190 W/(m²sr)

exempt group


120 mm x 180 mm

40 W/(m²sr)

115 W/(m²sr)

exempt group


120 mm x 240 mm

30 W/(m²sr)

95 W/(m²sr)

exempt group



The lights of the A-DIF series are available in the colors blue 450, white 5K7, IR 860, green 520 and red 633.
The intelligent temperature management of smart light technology

  •      Integrated digital temperature sensor
  •      Integrated flash memory with stored limit values for continuous and flash operation

guarantees maximum service life.

The overall picture of the lighting series A-DIF is rounded off with the usual thermally optimized housing profile made of anodized aluminum in a new connection with an M8 connector.