Neutral density filter - ND filter 3.0 M39x0.5

ND filter 3.0 M39x0.5
Short description:

optical density 3.0 - 0.1% transmission, f-stop reduction 10, filter thread M39x0.5

Order number:

  • to reduce the image brightness without changing the spectral distribution or the depth of field
  • can be used for extremely bright inspection tasks such as welding processes or melting, drawing and ignition processes
  • to avoid overexposure, blooming and smearing and to protect light-sensitive sensors
  • easy to assemble thanks to the black anodized brass mount

Technical data
Filter typeNeutral density filter
Housing materialFilter mount: brass
Optical materialGlass
Thickness optical material 2 mm
Weight16 g
Screw-in socket M39 x 0.5
Dimensional drawing in mm