Human Machine Interface

webHMI is the new user interface for end customers and can be used with vicosys® and pictor®. It is designed to visualize and control machine vision systems directly at production site with a problem specfic layout. vcwin is used to develop inspection programs and can update the content during the program workflow.

The interface is based on web technology. It can be used with all common browsers and plc HMI in the production environment.

A first view of webHMI is in delivery state already installed on the system. You can get a first page by entering the ip into your browser.

webHMI can be used on a monitor directly at your machine, in the office of the quality inspection or on the way with a tablet. The configuration is simple and allows you to create a menu with overview pages, defect images, active measurements and additional functions in the language of the customer within minutes.

The webHMI is made for end customers and is aranged by the system integrator.



NEW: Bosch Rexroth Panels - simple integration of the webmonitor and buffer monitor via webcontrol with IndraWorks