Lighting controllers of Vision & Control provide for stable lighting conditions and a high failure security of LED-lights in the industrial sphere. They are easy to use and to integrate in the operation.


The smart light-lighting controller DLC3005 supervises on-line all working conditions of the lighting and guarantees the safe and undisturbed operation free of failure of the connected lighting within their achievement borders with suitable configuration.

LED controller


  • DLC3005 – Digital Lighting Controller
  • robust and space saving, easy assembly
  • max. output current 5 A / 10 A in flash mode
  • flash times 20 ?s bis 10 ms
  • 2 digital PLC-compatible in- and output levels
  • easy to operate with webinterface or rotary switch
  • supported vicolux® smart light lights


  • In combination with connected vicolux® smart light lightings the DLC3005 monitors operating modes of the lighting and provides support for configuration
  • Suitable as a power source also for high performance LED-lighting of other manufacturers