LED controller

smart light enables maximum brightness of lighting to be achieved and at the same time protects the LED from overloading, thereby ensuring maximum service life. Vision & Control's vicolux® smart light technology provides the basis for successful image processing solutions.

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Facts worth knowing about vicolux® smart light technology

"One-wire" communication between lighting and power source and "smart light parameters" that are stored in the lighting unit enable the lighting controller to adapt automatically to the attached LED lighting.

The controller also continuously records and evaluates the operating status of the lighting and thereby protects it from fast aging and destruction.

vicolux® smart light technology

  • Ensures compliance with the works settings for the limit values of LED lighting in continuous and flash operation
  • Provides parameters for, say, maximum current at an ambient temperature of 25 °C and free convection and supports integration of the lighting into the image processing system
  • Monitors, in addition to flash current, switching-on and interval times (the duty cycle) in flash operation

Each lighting unit incorporates the brightness value setting of the first illumination batch manufactured at Vision & Control. That enables the user to adjust, if required, the brightness of future units that might be brighter to the brightness of the first batch.