Accessories Spot Lights

Here you will find optical accessories and adapter for spot lights.

Please look for connection cables under Lighting / Accessories for lighting.

Order Number Designation          
1-11-750 RAL10 polariser linear
applicable for RAL10 series, 400-750nm, 2x M2x6-screws included
1-11-752 RAL10 diffuser 40%
applicable for RAL10 series, diffusion 40%, 2x M2x6-screws included
1-11-751 RAL10 diffuser 15%
applicable for RAL10 series, diffusion 15%, 2x M2x6-screws included
Order Number Designation          
1-29-035 ULS6 SpotLens-100-18
appropriate for ULS6 series, WD=100mm, spot diameter 18 mm
1-29-030 ULS6 C-Mount Adapter
for use with C-Mount lenses