Research and development professionals


With the support of the European Social Fund (ESF), the state of Thuringia supports the recruitment of qualified personnel for research and development.
Vision & Control uses this opportunity to strengthen its pool of specialists.
For two years, the company receives pro rata contributions from state funds and funds from the European Social Fund (ESF) as part of the R&D personnel guideline for innovative personnel.
The following two projects are funded:
Project 1
The objectives of this project are:
    the development of new lights with power LEDs, whose housings are optimized both thermally and structurally and designed for production and
    the error-invariant constructive design of new high-resolution telecentric lenses
for industrial image processing in mechanical engineering and in automation technology.
Project 2
The integration of industrial image processing into modern decentralized control architectures, which are networked via Industrial Ethernet, places very high demands on the know-how of the customers.
This project is intended to intensify and expand customer support in these projects. Furthermore, the necessary knowledge transfer for the integration of industrial image processing in modern decentralized control architectures is to be expanded through new subject-related training courses.

This initiative by the Free State of Thuringia meets Vision & Control's efforts to keep skilled workers in the region.