New area lights for space-saving lighting solutions

Areas lights from the series AL30x60, DL 30x60, AL30x90 and DL30x90

Vision & Control is expanding its vicolux® product range to include the lighting series DL30x60, AL30x60, DL30x90 and AL30x90. The new highly-efficient lights with directed and diffuse lighting direction and luminous fields make it possible to create low-cost, space-saving lighting solutions as they can be more precisely tailored to the area and purpose of use.

Defined mounting holes make setting up the lights quick and easy while the anodised aluminium housing with high deformation resistance enables efficient heat dissipation. Despite their compact design, the new area lights have an integrated control unit with control and stabilisation electronics. They can be operated with constant light conditions across a broad voltage range of 10 to 30 VDC and have a maximum power consumption of 2 to 5 W depending on the model. Innovative temperature management guarantees a long service life for the LEDs. The area lights are plugged in using an M5 connector and are available in red, green, blue and white as well as IR880, IR850, IR950, UV365 and UV395.

Only with the use of controlled light can images be captured under defined, reproducible conditions. LED lights have proven to be superior to tubes, halogen bulbs and incandescent bulbs as they generate little heat, consume little energy, are low weight and impact-resistant, have a long service life and offer excellent reliability. The AL series offer highly-efficient directed LED area lights. The advantage of direct light is the high intensity of the light that hits the object to be inspected. The DL series on the other hand offer homogeneous, highly-efficient LED area lights.

This design has the benefit of suppressing surface properties: level, shiny components and structured surfaces are evenly illuminated so as to suppress interferences such as machining marks, scratches or creases. Both series can be used, for example, in the automotive sector to illuminate multiple small areas requiring separate review on a component for inspection; during battery manufacturing, to provide precise background illumination for large objects that do not require full background lighting or for frames for inspecting attachment points at different heights and in different positions.