Communications capacity of vision systems extended

Protocol converters netTAP 50 und netzTAP 100 for vision systems

New protocol converters extend the communications capacity of Vision & Control's image processing systems

Vision & Control has now expanded the range of accessories available for the vision systems vicosys® and pictor® to include the Hilscher protocol converters netTAP 50 and netTAP 100. These replace the previously most recently offered process coupling modules from the PKM-PB series. Hilscher's tried and tested gateways represent better value for money, support all common fieldbus technologies and boast simple configuration software. Sample configurations for the highly reliable software help to ensure the gateway can be configured rapidly and securely. The connection to the vision systems vicosys® and pictor® is realized via Modbus TCP.

The protocol converters netTAP 50 and netTAP 100 ensure seamless transitions and transparency. They make it possible to convert simply and efficiently between two protocols. netTAP offers transparent conversion between all common industry automation protocols - serial bus, classic fieldbus and the real-time Ethernet protocols that have entered the market more recently.