New pictor® software with edge-based object recognition

In automated solutions for zero-error production, production control and quality control, Vision & Control's efficient pictor® series intelligent cameras provide solutions for increasingly demanding tasks. Time-saving integration and unconditional reliability mean that various test, inspection and measurement tasks can be processed quickly and flexibly.

A fantastic advantage of the new "edge-based object recognition" command is the considerable acceleration of pattern searching. The user also benefits from increased robustness even with partial covering of components. With "edge-based object recognition" the object is identified not on the basis of the grey-value template, instead the image is scanned for concordant edges.



  • Sturdy and fast: find up to 100 objects
  • Possible to cover 80% of the test object
  • Process works independently of lighting, rotary orientation and part size (scaling)
  • High-precision position and rotary orientation of the object (sub-pixelling)
  • Interfering edges can be eliminated by manually selecting the relevant edges