vicolux® dome lighting

New dome lighting with vicolux® smart light technology

vicolux® from Vision & Control

vicolux® Dome lights

The latest series of flashable dome lighting adds a new class to the existing, dependable Vision & Control lighting portfolio.

The lighting, which features smart light electronics, was designed specifically to run with the Vision&Control vicolux® DLC 3005 lighting controller. The product range is also compatible with commercially available lighting controllers made by other manufacturers. However, on-board smart light electronics has other key advantages in industrial applications:

  • The controller retrieves stored current and pulse time threshold values, protecting the lighting from overload conditions.
  • Active temperature monitoring provides effective protection against premature aging effects.
  • Reverse polarity protection prevents destruction of the illumination field caused by wiring errors during installation.

The lighting is ideal for illumination without shadows or reflections in both continuous and flash mode with a pulsed mode output power of up to 120 W. It is available in diameters of 84 mm or 60 mm and in the standard color range of white, red, blue and IR.

Because the design is compatible with the existing low-profile Vision & Control dome lighting, the products can be integrated without problems into existing or planned systems. Other outstanding features include the choice of mounting holes and the 4-pin M8 connector mounted directly on the housing.

The Product Locator which was recently added to the Vision & Control website helps you quickly find exactly what you are looking for. The code "sl" (smart light) appended to the product name makes the lighting readily identifiable.