The small and powerful RK1220 series LED ring lights now come with connection cable suitable for drag-chain applications and extensive accessories

Vision & Control, technology leader in the field of high-quality components for industrial image processing, has further optimised its small and powerful vicolux RK1220 series LED ring lights.

The lights now have a connection cable suitable for drag-chain use.
In addition, the accessories to adapt to the light control and mechanical fixing have been expanded.

Due to the small design with light rings of only 40 mm diameter, the vicolux RK1220 coaxial LED ring lights can be easily integrated into small spaces.

Despite their compact size, they are very bright and very well suited to optimum illumination of objects even at great working distances. The lights have an integrated controller, which allows for constant lighting conditions at a supply voltage of 10 to 30 VDC.

LED ring lighting can be switched within a period of 150 µs to infinity via a PLC switch input and can also be implemented in quick inspection processes.

Using extensive accessories, the lights can be individually adjusted to a wide range of different lighting applications with directed, diffuse or focused light distribution.
LED ring lights therefore guarantee the homogeneous illumination of the test object. The product range includes various diffusers, Fresnel lenses for various working distances, a polarising filter and a dark field dark field attachment for radial illumination.

Available as laboratory equipment, this allows different lighting scenarios to be quickly created.

RK1220 LED ring lights are available in red, green, blue, amber, white and infrared (850 nm, 880 nm, 950 nm).

The ultra-lightweight lighting (just 20 g) can be fitted directly to the lens filter thread using an adapter (M25.5, M26 or M27).

The IP67 protection level ensures reliable use under virtually all industrial conditions.