Small, bright and lightweight – including controls – compact area lighting for machine vision

With the new AL and DL 30x30 as well as the AL and DL 60x60 series directed and diffuse area lighting, Vision & Control is starting a new class of extremely small, bright, lightweight and versatile LED lights for machine vision. The limited space factor and the integrated control electronics open new possibilities for applications in all fields of image processing.

The new AL and DL 30x30 and 60x60 lighting series bring fresh air to the machine vision lighting components market.

With illumination geometries of 30x30 mm² and 60x60 mm², these particularly lightweight and compact rimless LED lights are pushing the application boundaries of image processing, where minimal space with the highest requirements as regards brightness, homogeneity, robustness against temperature fluctuations, vibrations and fluctuations in electrical control parameters is important.

This is possible using the ultra-small control electronics integrated in the housing and the miniature electrical connection via an M5 connector.

The new lighting series are entirely bound to the combination idea behind Vision & Control's component system and can, for example, be directly combined with a splitter. Together, these types of coaxial lighting systems create optimum lighting results. Furthermore, the implementation fields for the new AL and DL series are numerous, and they primarily address applications where space is critical: the automotive industry, semi-conductor industry, packing industry, electronics, pharmaceuticals. The low weights of 40 g and 130 g, respectively, also allow for applications in which components must accelerate and/or move quickly.