vicosys®: new software version restitutes images/saves gigabytes of data and images internally

Vision & Control's efficient and individually configurable vicosys® series multi camera systems are solving increasingly demanding tasks. A wide range of test, inspection and measurement tasks can be processed quickly and flexibly. This often depends on camera images that are distortion-free and true to the object's geometry.

Interesting options with the new vicosys® software version 4.16.180
Image restitution for reliable inspection



  • Equalisation of object-determined distortion
  • Reduction of perspective distortion
  • Use of telecentric wide-field lenses also possible for measurement tasks
  • Simple inspection of curved surfaces with standard algorithms
  • Increased image quality with low focal length


Save gigabytes of data and images

With immediate effect, all vicosys® multi camera systems have internal compact flash storage devices with 1 GB storage capacity.



Large amounts of product data and images can be saved directly in the system. This makes the systems fast and independent of data transport capacities on the interfaces. There are established methods for saving data volumes larger than 1 GB via external data carriers (FTP, SMB, USB stick, USB-HDD). This ensures maximum flexibility when saving images and measurement values on different media.