Employee certification in times of crisis

As part of his tour of enterprises, the German Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Olaf Scholz visited image processing specialists Vision & Control on 20 August 2009. The goal was to understand the practical implementation of certification measures and the current economic situation.

Managing Director Dr. Jürgen Geffe recently informed the minister and representatives from local politics of Vision & Control's current situation and strategy. In open talks, Geffe explained that his company had targeted new sectors early on in order to compensate for the decrease in orders from the automotive industry and machine construction. "We have a wide base and are therefore not dependent on individual industrial sectors", said Geffe. Despite this, Vision & Control is also making use of reduced working hours and certification for parts of the workforce. This way the firm can retain nearly all its employees and expertise. Vision & Control is also expanding its Service department so that it can support its customers in an even more efficient and solution-orientated manner. The expansion of this concept has been accepted very positively, confirms Dr. Jürgen Geffe. To counter the crisis, the image processing specialists from Southern Thuringia have invested in new premises and thus improved their infrastructure with the goal of serving their customers better and optimising internal processes.

In a final round of talks with the minister, employees had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Scholz about their position in the company and how satisfied they were with their job and perspectives with Vision & Control. Mr. Scholz was particularly interested in the topic of certification during reduced working hours. In spite of the crisis, Vision & Control employees are optimistic as regards the future of the company and therefore their jobs.