Coaxial lighting for illuminating reflective and mirrored objects

Image processing specialists Vision & Control are supplementing their extensive component system with a new generation of vicolux® coaxial lighting. The precise light distribution of the new diffuse incident lights allows for the shadow-free and homogeneous illumination of test objects. They are thus particularly suitable for applications such as monitoring reflective and mirrored surfaces.

The innovative vicolux® lighting allows users to adapt the lighting scenario to their image processing task perfectly. The basis of this new generation of coaxial lighting is the so-called splitter. Such an optical component unites the axis of lens and camera with the lighting axis. The type and position of the lens and the lighting can be chosen freely, which means that users can adjust the mirroring to the given requirements.

The new vicolux® coaxial lighting is available in two different sizes. The splitter is available with 30x30 mm² or 60x60 mm² openings. Special protective screens protect the precision mirror inside the splitter from contamination.

The new vicolux® DL 30x30 and DL 60x60 series area lighting is specially adapted to the splitter. Using an adapter, both components can be mounted on a compact coaxial light. These vicolux® LED lights impress with their extremely homogeneous light distribution. They are available in a wide light spectrum, from blue (470 nm) to infrared (950 nm). Electrical connection is via an M5 connector directly on the housing. Highly flexible cables in various lengths are available as accessories.

Clamp adapters allow different vicotar® telecentric lens series to be fixed to the splitter. In addition, users can also combine two lenses using the lens adapter so that the same test object can be simultaneously viewed by two camera systems with different image scales.

Another option is to mount a coaxial ring light directly in front of the splitter. This means that particular test object features can be recognised and analysed.

In future Vision & Control will supplement its lighting portfolio with further coaxial lights in 30 mm increments.