Optical measuring devices for the solar sector

Automated optical inspection of products is an integral part of the production chain in the production process of wafers, cells and modules. Vision & Control GmbH features these customised optical measuring devices and has specialised in the solar sector with its systems partner Buchanan Software GmbH.

In order to optimise the development time and quality of measurement devices, image processing specialists Vision & Control GmbH's standardised components come into play.

Not only do we have many years of experience in developing image processing algorithms, but also flexible options for expansion. We can adapt to special customer requirements using the vicosys® SDK and specific software modules. Initially inspection systems are thoroughly tested in the laboratory using test wafers so that they can be later commissioned at the production site. Furthermore, we offer maintenance, support and certification for your staff together with our partners Buchanan Software GmbH and Vision Academy GmbH.


Typical application areas:

  • Wafer-edge length, width, and parallelism control
  • Edge-break and surface control
  • Bow measurements
  • Anti-reflective layer control
  • Pressure control
  • Insulation line control
  • Glass control
  • Laser line tracking and ingot inspection
  • Electroluminescence



Correct lighting determines detection! For example, we can make all the edge areas of a polycrystalline wafer visible using a special lighting configuration even though it is lying on a belt.

This allows for complete wafer-edge control.

Typical methods require edge isolation or a similar on-the-fly measurement.