camat® S48 multi-head vision sensor – new sensor architecture – new options for implementation

Image processing specialist Vision & Control is expanding the camat vision sensor platform to the new generation camat S48 multi-head vision sensor.

The vision sensors, which can initially be configured using up to 4 remote sensor heads, impress with their small dimensions and minimal weight, and open up new opportunities for implementation in industrial image processing. The compact sensor heads now have integrated precision lenses, powerful homogeneous lighting and high-resolution image capture sensors. The captured image data is transmitted to the heart of the vision sensor, the controller, via a flexible cable and then analysed. Quick mounting of the sensor heads (which weigh only 80 grammes) within tight spaces, and the intuitive "step-by-step" user guide guarantee quick implementation to solve test tasks.

With the camat S48 multi-head vision sensor Vision & Control highlights its leading position in developing innovative image processing components for process automation and especially for robotics applications. The vision sensor concept with four remote sensor heads, the intuitive "step-by-step" user guide and quick parameterisation using the "auto teach-in" put users in a position to integrate the vision sensor perfectly into the image processing system and to solve test tasks within a short period of time.

The "all-in-one" design of the camat vision sensor generation stands for optimum integration of individual modules of precision lenses, powerful and homogeneous LED lights, quick image capture and analysis electronics, and reliable communication interfaces for the process environment. This flexible hardware and software concept makes it possible to react to individual OEM requirements, and to adapt it to specific tasks.

The image data generated by the high-resolution sensors is transmitted to the controller via the cable, which can be used in drag chain applications. The powerful vcwin software guarantees testing for various criteria such as presence, location, position and completeness. The high-speed digital signal processor delivers the test results in real-time; these are exchanged with the production process via the on-board input/output signals.

With sensor head measurements of only 27.5 mm x 30 mm x 30 mm and weighing only 80 grammes, the camat S48 multi-head can easily be used in the tightest spaces and mounted in the process environment. The industry-proven IP67 housing guarantees reliable working methods and a long life even under difficult implementation conditions.