Flexibly implementable vicolux® four-side lighting using new, compact bar lighting, configurable with external controller

Vision & Control now features the compact and powerful LAL7 and LAL14 as well as the LDL7 and LDL14 vicolux bar lighting series with a remote controller, which is external to the lighting. With the help of special adapters, the bar lighting can be configured to customised four-side lighting. With the new four-side lighting users can vary the lighting scenario according to their requirements in terms of beam angle, design and lighting colour and adapt it to meet their image processing tasks perfectly.

The precise light distribution of powerful bar lights, which are offered in various illumination widths, allow targeted recognition of surface structures and an even illumination of test objects.

With four-side lighting construction, shapes such as squares can be realised, as is necessary for controlling oblong test objects. As the beam angle of the bar lights can be infinitely adjusted on the adapter, they allow incident light illumination – from bright field to dark field – to be realised. The four-side lighting can be fixed directly to the lens using a lens adapter and allows users to realise compact optical lighting components. Depending on requirements, four-side lighting can be equipped with, for example, two red and two blue, or two diffuse and two directed bar lights, or with bar lights of different illumination widths.

Directed bar lights with an external controller for incident applications offer illumination geometries of 7 mm and 14 mm in width and various lengths. The standard cable length between lighting element and controller is 500 mm; this is also offered in a custom range from 20 mm to 1,000 mm. Together with the M5 connectors, this ensures flexible use in the most confined spaces of the image processing system.