The small, telecentric vicotar® T24 series lenses make an impression with their compact design and option of mounting ring lights

Vision & Control is supplementing its extensive component system with the newly designed, optimised vicotar T24 series lenses. The lenses, which are made for precise measuring tasks, are available in very small, compact designs, with a closely tiered image scale of 1.5 to 3, and for the first time can be implemented in combination with ring lighting.

Vision & Control designs the T24 series telecentric lenses in such as way that it is possible to mount ring lights directly onto the lens. The small, powerful RK1220 series ring lights can be easily fixed to lenses in this way. With this combination, users have compact image capture components made up of lighting and telecentric lenses, which can be individually configured and simply and safely integrated even in the smallest spaces.

Vision & Control's T24 series telecentric lenses offer variable, fixable apertures and an opportunity to mount the screw-on filter on the image side, i.e. in front of the camera. Users are therefore in a position to adjust the lens perfectly to the existing ambient light conditions. The telecentric lenses demonstrate a very low number of imaging errors and are perfectly suited for measuring test objects with small dimensions, e.g. as is necessary in the semi-conductor industry for precise quality control of components and soldered joints.