Vision & Control is expanding its range of camat® vision sensors

The efficient camat vision sensor platform is available to users in 9 different models.

Equipped with fixed predetermined working distances and different lighting colours camat is the top choice for reliable presence, location, position and completeness control.

Simple assembly and service thus guarantee rapid implementation to carry out image processing tasks.

Furthermore, image specialists Vision & Control offer the modular vision sensor platform in customised configuration, perfectly tailored to the individual requirements of mechanical engineers and OEMs.

Based on years of experience in industrial image processing and close cooperation with its partners, Vision & Control has developed and successfully marketed its own camat modular vision sensor platform.

Hundreds of vision sensors are already standing up to special tests in daily quality and process control and are the solution for reliable presence, location, position and completeness controls in the industrial environment.

They impress with their simple operation and quick parameterisation.

The "auto teach-in" function allows users to quickly adapt the vision sensor to solve image processing tasks and successfully implement applications.

The camat® vision sensor's "all-in-one" design stands for optimum integration of individual modules for the following: precision optics, bright and homogeneous LED lighting, quick image capture and analysis electronics, and communication interfaces for the process environment.

This allows the camat platform to be quickly adapted to OEM requirements. The standard product range comprises types with working distances of 150 mm, 300 mm and 450 mm and the light colours 470 nm (blue), 630 nm (red) and 880 nm (infrared), thus making selection and implementation of vision sensors much easier for users.

The image data generated by high-resolution image sensors is inspected using efficient image processing algorithms.

The high-speed digital signal processor calculates the test results in real-time; these are then exchanged with the production process via the on-board input/output signal.

Measuring only 63 mm x 63 mm x 75 mm, the camat can easily be mounted in the process environment.

The industry-proven IP67 housing guarantees reliable working methods and a long life even under difficult implementation conditions.