pictor®: high-performance image processing plus efficient data-matrix code reader module

In addition to processing image data for machine vision, the new data matrix code reader software module for the complex pictor series machine vision systems allows for the fast and reliable reading of data matrix codes without pre-setting parameters, even with limited code quality and low contrast.

The pictor® M16xx and M18xx series are available with the new data matrix code reader software module and can be upgraded with immediate effect.

With the pictor, the user is in a position to carry out machine vision tasks and read data matrix codes simultaneously.

The optional software module offered also reads data matrix codes automatically without pre-setting parameters.

The code reader features a high level of reading reliability even with mirrored data matrix codes and/or different numbers and sizes of modules.

Code-rotation and distortion is compensated for and the code is interpreted reliably.

Furthermore, pictor intelligent cameras can read code even when parts are covered, e.g. obscured "L"s or edges.

Needled codes on different materials can also be reliably "unlocked". Badly focused captured images and background disturbances influence neither the reliability not the speed of reading.