New bar lighting for optimum illumination of small objects, even if there is limited space

Vision & Control is supplementing its extensive component system with 4 new series of bar lights.

The precise light distribution of the LAL and LDL series bar lighting allows for targeted and intensive illumination of object details.

They are thus particularly suitable for scenarios including use in applications with line cameras.


Vision & Control features LAL and LDL series bar lighting with both directed and diffuse light distribution and thus allows the user to implement them in a wide range of different applications.

LAL lighting thus realises directed light distribution, e.g. for targeted recognition of edges and surface structures by creating shadows.

LDL lighting is suitable for use in applications in which very diffuse light distribution is required.

This is used for even illumination of transparent and non-transparent objects and guarantees homogeneous light intensity even for reflective surfaces.

The new bar lights are available in different sizes. Illumination widths of 7 mm and 14 mm as well as lengths of 25 mm to 250 mm (in increments of 25 mm) ensure that these can be perfectly integrated into the image processing machine.

The bar lights are available in a wide spectrum and cover the following colours: red (630 nm), green (525 nm), blue (470 nm), amber (617 nm), white (RGB x=0.33/y=0.33), infrared (850 nm), infrared (880 nm) and infrared (950 nm).

Despite the small construction of the lights, controls are already on-board.

The integrated controller guarantees constant lighting conditions at a supply voltage in the range of 12 to 30 VDC. A PLC input allows the lighting to be switched within a period of 150 µs to infinity.

Electrical connection is via an M5 connector on the lighting housing. Highly flexible cables in various lengths are available as accessories.

The compact, industry-proven and sturdy housing features the IP50 level of protection.