By: G. Hölzer

Image processing for greater efficiency and sustainability

Vision & Control GmbH has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by becoming a partner in the Blue Competence initiative launched by VDMA, the German Engineering Federation (Verband Deutscher Maschinen- und Anlagenbau).

The image processing components offered by Vision & Control are used in a diverse range of sectors to ensure that energy is not needlessly lost and that efficient use is made of resources and materials. This is why the company, based in Suhl, Thuringia, supports the Blue Competence initiative launched by the VDMA.

The initiative reflects the drive of the association towards closer co-operation between companies manufacturing machinery and equipment on the issue of sustainability and towards greater action in this area. It is not just talking shop; it is an alliance for action. The Blue Competence partners demonstrate their contribution to sustainability with facts and success stories.

Vision & Control components ensure that resources and energy are used more efficiently in a range of sectors: glass and semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, packaging and the automotive industry. Image processing makes it possible, for example, to detect defective parts in the energy-intensive processing of glass at an early stage in the process; they can then be removed and recycled appropriately. This saves energy and materials. In the automotive supply industry, image processing makes the manufacture of higher-quality products possible. Maximizing accuracy in product inspections makes for products that are more efficient once deployed, again ensuring savings of energy and raw materials.