Image processing in the production process for solar power and photovoltaic systems

“Green” energy – or renewable energy, as it is known – is becoming easy to supply and competitive. Dr. Dietmar Goldmann, CEO of Energy2market GmbH (e2m), explained how at the 6th network meeting of SolarInput e.V. on 06.09.2012. He was also a fount of market knowledge, particularly with regard to the new regulatory agreement.

After the talk on the direct marketing of renewable energies, the participants were taken on a virtual tour through the Technology and Competence Centre of Vision & Control GmbH, the host of the event. Gitta Hölzer (Press and Public Relations department) informed them about the pioneering achievements of Vision & Control in the industrial image processing sector over the past 20 years. Her colleague Andreas Schäffner (Sales department) vividly demonstrated the applications of image processing components in the solar and photovoltaics industry. This clearly highlighted the crucial contribution of image processing to the production process, particularly with regard to quality assurance and saving resources. Vision & Control GmbH is a member of SolarInput e.V.