Networking until the wee hours

“Maybe someone already has a solution to a problem that I haven’t even encountered yet.” That is a really good reason for active networking, but it was not the sole intention behind the participation of Vision & Control GmbH in the 4th “Sommer, Sonne, solvimus” (“Summer, sun, solvimus”) technology afternoon. This annual event organised by solvimus GmbH from Ilmenau has become a real tradition and is also enjoying increasing popularity and participant numbers.

Every year, solvimus invites partners, customers and interested companies to find out about the latest trends in automation technology and electronics development. Vision & Control GmbH made an active contribution this year. Dr. Ulrich Pahl, Vision Systems Development Manager, presented the new image processing system with sercos interface. sercos is an open, non-proprietary and freely available technology. The sercos international e. V. global user organisation has been using this approach since 1990. The organisation sees itself as a network of interested parties and an active, efficient and open forum for dedicated experts, interested parties and supporters. Vision & Control is a member of sercos international e.V.

Smart Metering, which monitors industrial systems leading to energy savings of up to 30 percent, was also discussed and information was provided about this technology. The participants followed the talk on new printed circuit board technologies with equal interest. The speaker demonstrated problems and solutions that are crucial for development.

The new findings were explored more deeply and discussed in a professional exchange between the participating users, producers, researchers, developers, distributors and service providers. This continued till well after midnight, so it’s safe to say that this event was a resounding success.