Image processing service desert? – Image processing service oasis!

Good things take time. Almost 30 years after image processing was introduced to industry and machine construction, users' trust in this technology has become well established: image processing is efficient and robust, necessary for competitiveness and can be mastered. In principle ...

How do initial meetings with customers usually proceed? "I have a component for inspection and must investigate something. I'm meant to use image processing. Will it work? What does it cost?" These are not easy questions that can be casually answered simply by selling machines. The customer can rightly expect more, i.e. comprehensive professional service for his/her sector. In the end it is about his/her machines, which must operate at a high level of efficiency and reliability 24 hours a day. But what is a "comprehensive worry-free package" for those whose daily business is not image processing?

A precondition for high-quality service is professional experience combined with efficient image processing components. The era of "box-moving", in which products were handled without any additional value, are finally behind us. Even today, initial information on the website does not replace comprehensive, competent and targeted sales advice coupled with a holistic analysis of tasks. However, there is much that cannot simply be explained by telephone, internet or email. The next logical step is therefore a visit to a comprehensively equipped application laboratory, where the components are discussed and selected. If questions remain unanswered, a feasibility study is created to give users confidence in the process.

Beyond finding a solution, the trend towards being able to control the technology of image processing oneself continues. Various modular training options for construction, sectors and specialist topics are putting developers, repair and maintenance personnel, and the sales department in a position to get maximum image processing results in all phases of product development.

The user cannot and does not want to fulfil every remit themselves. Therefore, good service goes hand-in-hand with recommending local systems houses. These competent and experienced partners are in a position to quickly implement professional solutions. However, on-site service and advice are part of a comprehensive service concept: workshops to find solutions, instruction on commissioning and training for maintenance personnel.

An important service for mechanical engineers is the cooperation with image processing firms for development tasks. Companies that operate strategically use this service in order to conduct product adaptation and new developments in symbiosis with image processing personnel. Bundled expertise and synergies thus lead to the perfect integration of image processing in machines.

Today, comprehensive and professional service is an integral component of image processing products. Targeted solutions without trial-and-error save money and increase confidence in having found an optimum solution with perfectly suited components. At the same time they improve the reliability that sturdy and reliable machines with image processing deliver. Mechanical engineers around the globe must be able to rely on these services to secure their spot in the markets of tomorrow.

Dr. Jürgen Geffe
Managing Director, Vision & Control GmbH